Teva, Co-Creative Director



Our small agency recognized and then created work to meet the sea change in the NEW outdoors.

Personally generated a robust brand brief that influenced product development, strategic direction and creative work.

Helped company populate a marketing dept., announce the brand’s vitality through messaging and became agency of record.


THRIVE (tagline - predates use by Kaiser Permanente)


In 1982 Mark Thatcher built the first sports sandal out of inspiration and a little ingenuity. Ideal for the rafts and rapids of the Colorado, his creation combined the spirit of a sandal with the sole of a shoe. Teva soon became synonymous with a better way to play in the outdoors. Today, the demands of the outdoor athlete are as rigorous as the elements themselves. From canyoneering and kayaking to trail running and trekking, Teva has moved on-shore and up-range.

Like a good pack, an open soul, and a healthy respect, some things simply belong outdoors.

THE NEW OUTDOORS (Snippet from brief)

We believe there is huge potential in a position that is less ‘man against nature’ as many current brands do, but more acting in balance with the outdoors. The biggest opportunity lies in recognizing the new outdoors and the new outdoor athlete.

The new outdoor athlete uses the environment to enhance his/her performance. This is most evident in kayaking where someone is in a light plastic 8” boat is in a huge river wave, the ocean surf, or going over a waterfall. There is no chance to fight nature in these circumstances; rather it involves using nature’s immense energy to drive the kayak and power moves and tricks.

The whole idea of harnessing nature’s energy is very Eastern, spiritual and of the now. While we shouldn’t get too ethereal about the whole notion, it is an opportunity to own a unique position and also express the intelligence of our athletes and the spirit of the outdoors.