Jimi Wallet, Inventor and Entrepreneur



Designed, manufactured, marketed and retailed a patented remake of the traditional wallet. Sales of which hit $0.5M in year two.

Marketed solely through publicity, word-of-mouth and seeding with outdoor athletes, cyclists and snow sport enthusiasts. And Cameron Diaz.

Award-winning: Forbes Small Business competition semi-finalist; selected to be part of the California Design Biennial alongside Apple and HP, and part of a curated design collection at the Cooper Hewitt National Museum of Design.


PROMOTIONAL CARD (in every Jimi)

Born of the simple need to stop carrying around a bunch of crap you don’t need or use, Jimi is a new breed of wallet. Splashproof, compact, and durable, Jimi holds just the essentials: license, I.D., a few credit cards and cash. You can attached Jimi to a chain or lanyard, or just slip it into your front pocket. And for the uber-minimalist, Jimi even has a detachable money clip that holds just a license and cash.

Jimi – The Wallet For People Who Hate Wallets


Jimi Wallet's arrival slaps the sleepy world of men's wallets in the face with its colorful, compact and award-winning design, addictive in-the-hand-feel, and impertinence to be manufactured in the US from recycled materials.       

Mike O’Neill is an exception in so many ways. Professionally, he’s very talented and has amazing reach when it comes to making the most of a product. He created dozens of ways to change the look and made many product improvements to add value to it. Most important is his credibility and his character. I’ve been with him many years and have been in situations that would have broken most people. He always chooses to take the high road.
— Don Rochelo, President, Apex Resource Technologies, Inc. | Jimi Manufacturer MA

Jimi had met the consumer with a message of paring down, and the consumer had said, “Yeah, I’ll take one of those.”
— Rob Walker, New York Times